Direkt zum Hauptbereich

Big brother's watching you : )

Americans reading my blog?
Hey there, today here comes - and this is new! - "International Willi"! I'm talking English today, otherwise my addressees probably won't understand what I'm talking about. And why, you will get to know now : ) 
In the statistics of my blog (I call it Spy Tool : ) I can see that I have lots of clicks every day coming from America. Can you imagine?! Until now I thought that Americans believe that the world ends at their continent's border, huahahaha.... So how did they notice my little German blog? Of course, this is pretty cool and shame on me for being that mean, hehe...! But - and this is surprising - America is number 3 in the overall ranking of my statistics - after Germany and Switzerland and even before Austria - shame on you, Austria : )
So, wow! That's great! Clicks from America... But honestly, who are you? Are you really real Americans? I mean, I've never heard of Americans speaking anything else but American, hehe... sorry... Grumpf. So what are you doing on my blog? Watching pictures?
So come out! If you dare, give me a little hello. If you're a real American, give me a little "beep" in the Comments : ) I'm really curious and would be so happy to welcome you! Maybe you are not Americans but maybe aliens, accidently located in the US, searching for a real cool blog? Or it's the FBI, watching carefully how the killer dog's taking over the world domination? Harhar... just kidding... So tell me, who are you? If you are an alien, of course you are welcome to give me something like a "blubb" or so... For the FBI the code word is: World Domination, hehehe... Come on, give me a sign, whoever you are : )

E. T. on my blog?

FBI watching my blog?


  1. hi willi, i am pretty sure those are my fellow americans that are concerned about me. so, don' mess with texas - hehe!!
    ps: i don't think i helped you peed on me an my lovely diana :o) ... you little rat ;o)

  2. yeah!!! the first beep! go ahead! and glubschie, go away! : )

  3. Must be the guys from Area51.....;-)

  4. was willst DU hier, zicke?! geh weg! : )

  5. also ich gebe mein bestes für die österreich-statistik! ;)

    aber e.t. auf deinem blog übertrifft wirklich alles. sowas von cool, mann!


  6. Mensch Pia, ich weiß! Aber was ist mit all den anderen : )


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